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Welcome aboard!

Working and living inside a cruise ship is a unique experience. Even the guests sailing with us have no idea of the things happening in the crew areas.


I’m illustrating some of our moments on board, the good, the bad ones… and also those moments that we all have lived in our dreams.


One thing I like about being a crew member is that at the end of the day, no matter how hard our day was, we still can smile and sometimes laugh about anything in the crew bar.

Laughter becomes the best way to go through those days of hard work and also the cheapest one.


Even if you are a crew member or a guest you can relate to the stories in this place. Feel free to send me an e-mail if you have an adventure at sea you want to share.


More illustrations to come, in the meantime... Enjoy the illustrations and may they bring you reminders of touching times and experiences you had in your life.


Oscar David 

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Coffee keeps the ideas coming

We are a group of crew members, former crew members and digital media professionals illustrating stories about the life on board cruise ships.
The stories we illustrate are fictional, based on personal experiences and also on the feedback we get from our beloved audience.
We also provide professional customized illustrations for digital and print use. 

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